Admissions for 2021-2022 Applications for children due to start secondary school in September 2022 will be through the auditioning process which includes: An Audition, An Interview and a Maths and English Exam

We aim for students that attend our audition days to have an enjoyable experience as they sample the atmosphere and energy of MEPA Academy. Setting aside the fact that this is a live audition for entry to the Academy we want our visitors and prospective students to feel welcome, safe and confident to explore the day and all the fun and excitement that this brings.

The audition experience is a full day that follows the time table below

  • Welcome from the Principal and Head Teacher

  • Academic assessments in English and Maths

  • A selection of workshop classes from Jazz, Ballet, commercial Dance and Musical Theatre

  • Individual auditions for Acting, Singing and Dance

  • An opportunity if desired by the student, to demonstrate any skills in Music / playing of an instrument.


Students are required to prepare the following



A monologue of between 1-2 minutes in length



A song of between 1-2 minutes in length



A solo Dance in any style of approximately 2 minutes in length


Students do have the choice to demonstrate any Music skills should they wish to.

Audition Outcomes

It is our aim to inform all students who audition of the outcome of their audition within 7 days


for more information please contact us on 01622 756644 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Admissions Policy Statement 

MEPA Academy accepts pupils with a wide range of abilities. We aim to allow pupils to realise their potential and thus to pursue their respective levels of excellence, in whatever subject they are working in. The difference in levels of ability is evident in the majority of classes. However, the positive environment for teaching and learning in each class should allow all pupils to achieve a high degree of progress. Members of staff are accustomed to teaching classes of mixed ability, and this is the practice for the majority of lessons.

The decision as to whether or not to admit a pupil to MEPA is a complex one. We are looking for pupils who are ‘all-rounders’, ideally with highly developed skills in both the academic and vocational arenas. Such pupils tend to respond particularly well to the holistic approach offered by our arts-based education, with its delicate and complementary balance between the vocational subjects and the more traditional academic disciplines. As a result, pupils with clear talents in both of these spheres tend to achieve at their optimum level in our environment. 

After a pupil has auditioned for a place at MEPA, a team of staff collates all the marks for the different audition tasks and decides whether or not the individual would enjoy and benefit from an education at MEPA. Offers are made based on these discussions and the school may decide to ask for a reference from the pupil’s current school.

Pupils with learning difficulties or statements of special needs

Our SEND Department works with SEN pupils on a one-to-one basis when necessary. They also provide advice to staff as to the most successful ways of working with the specific learning difficulties of individual pupils. 

If your daughter or son has a physical or visual impairment, it is important to contact the School prior to an audition. In such cases, we consider whether or not we can accommodate the level of disability at the school.

Prospective pupils already holding an Educational Healthcare Plan ( EHC) should inform us before they accept an audition. There are some forms of special educational need that we do not have the expertise to accommodate and, in such cases, a meeting with parents is necessary so that we are better able to reach an informed decision (see the school’s SEND Policy).

Admission process for prospective pupils 

Pupils/parents need to complete the Registration Form that can be located on our website. Pupils will then be asked to audition on one of our audition days. There are three or four such days per year, and they remain the principal method by which we select pupils for our main points of entry to the school. On the audition day, day school pupils are required to bringing along photo identification.

Pupils attend for a significant part of the day and they are tested in a number of key areas. These include:

An interview together with her/his parent(s). The purpose of the interview is for the school to find out more about the pupil, their interests and why they want to attend the school. Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions in order to ensure that they have all the information they need to make a decision about the school.

An examination in Maths and English It is not expected that all pupils complete the paper. Failure to complete the paper would not necessarily be an indication that a prospective candidate had not completed enough of the paper to pass the exam. 

Please inform us in advance if your daughter/son has any specific learning difficulties, as we can consider these when we are marking the Maths and English papers.

It is important that prospective pupils and their parents/carers have looked carefully at the Curriculum Offer and made themselves aware of the make-up of the school day. Such research should allow each parent the best opportunity to find the course that is right for their son or daughter.   

Audition requirements

  • A short dance of no more than two minutes (accompaniment on CD acceptable).
  • A two-minute monologue from a play (ensure that the character is of an appropriate playing age for the candidate and bring a copy of the text).
  • A short song (bring sheet music if piano accompaniment is required) may be selected from a list provided; or
  • If the candidate so wishes, they may perform a short instrumental recital (please bring sheet music if piano accompaniment is required).
  • Candidates will also take part in a selection of Vocational classes

At the end of the audition process, each candidate is assessed for his/her suitability for the school. This information is then considered alongside the reference from his/her current school and the candidate’s most recent school report.

Other points to note

  • The fee for an audition day audition is currently £25.
  • Parents are required to sign a contract before a pupil starts the school. This outlines our conditions, amongst which is the requirement that a term’s notice must be given before a pupil leaves the school.

Late Entries 

MEPA Academy will accept late entries throughout the term but all entries must follow the same Admissions Process as stated above. 

To enquiry about  a late entry please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01622 756644