'My daughter started MEPA Academy September 2021 going into year 11.  Moving her into a new school in year 11; I had big concerns and worry that this was right for her. 

Within a few days of attending MEPA Academy, I knew that the right decision had been made, she was happy, had made friends immediately and reported to me ‘it is one big happy family’. 

Academically, my daughter has moved up two grades since starting MEPA Academy and vocationally she is doing brilliantly, the MEPA staff have boosted her confidence and she is participating in solo performances where previously she would not have done.

All the staff are approachable, the communication is great between parents and school, the teachers know the children individually and adapt the lessons to meet the child’s needs.

I am happy to report that my daughter is thriving at MEPA.  We are both disappointed that her time will end at MEPA Academy in the summer of 2022.

I have NO hesitation in recommending MEPA Academy, if your child enjoys performing arts then this school is the right place.'

 'My son was fortunate to join MEPA academy in September 2021.He has been dancing since he was seven years old, but you have fueled his love for dance and given him so many opportunities to enhance his skills and compete at a higher level.Your supportive and family oriented atmosphere, your outstanding teachers and choreographers and the opportunities you provide your students through competition, auditions and showcasing at regional events such as,CYD.

Thank you, Mandy Ellen and all your team.'