Course Overview  

MEPA Academy’s dance training will develop students overall technique, musicality, creativity and performance.  They will be guided to explore a variety of genres in order to become versatile and competent for a range of different performances and to prepare them for the demands of a professional dancer. 

From perfecting their skills in technical training to letting their creativity run wild in choreography and improvisational classes, our dance classes are designed to nurture the students existing skills and lead them to experience dance in a way they have never imagined before. 

As well as perfecting their technique in the studio, students will also perform regularly in our very own state of the art purpose built facility as well as local theatres and within the community, through professional visits, theatre trips and workshops. 

MEPA Academy’s fully equipped dance studios are always bustling with activity, and each of them has hifi facilities with iPod connectivity, professional dance floors, barres and mirrors. 

Subjects of Study 

Ballet - Fundamental to the study of dance and supports all other dance techniques.  This develops physical skills, poise, agility, accuracy, musicality, fluency and expression 

Tap - Learning to use the whole body unprompted whilst rhythmically engaging the feet to use as a musical instrument.  With work on rhythm, tone, musical styles and improvisation. Incorporating styles such as Broadway, West End and American Tap. 

Jazz - A technical class involving conditioning, strengthening, isolations, contraction and release, elevation and travelling whilst developing rhythms, musicality and syncopation. This class also encourages the use of all other subjects whilst continually focusing on flexibility and strength  

Commercial - This is an exposure to the current commercial dance scene which includes styles such as hip hop, house and vogue-ing alongside many others, performance and choreography is an important part of this strand. 

Contemporary - This subject is there to compliment students ballet and challenge their range of movement vocabulary and openness to experiment.  This will help students to develop a clear understanding of weight transference, centering, improvisation and contact work. 

Pas De Deux - Building confidence to trust a partner whilst also learning the basic holds, grips and techniques before developing to more advanced lifts and holds.  

Choreography and Production - A chance to learn new routines in various styles including, lyrical, musical theatre, jazz and commercial.  This gives the students the opportunity to work on picking up and retaining choreography whilst working within in a professional environment and incorporating performance and projection.  


MEPA Academy is proud to offer exams in a genre of styles with the IDTA.  These classes are available at no extra costs to all MEPA Academy students.  

About the IDTA  

‘At the heart of dance’ IDTA Trains the next generation of passionate and expert dance teachers and their students.  As a leading dance qualifications body and membership association for professional dance teachers, with over 6000 members in over 55 countries, the IDTA define standards across the widest variety of dance forms, examine performance for both professionals and non-professionals of all ages, developing the skills and professional practice of their members and promote the love of dance across a dynamic, global community