We aim to provide an education in this genre of the Performing arts that gives all of our students a tool kit with which to explore the many dimensions of the subject throughout their time at MEPA Academy and beyond as development as an actor is life long pursuit. Within this area of study we also prepare students for LAMDA and GCSE exams

We aim to develop:

· an interest in the subject

· an awareness of cultural and historical context

· an ability to communicate effectively and can express their opinions, which will be valued

· creativity and excellence



At KS3, students will study a range of work and practioners to build and develop core acting skills such as characterisation, devising and understanding of content and context.

The curriculum in KS3 will cover the following areas:

· Confidence

· Communication

· World theatre

· Characterisation

· Use of voice

· Movement and gesture

· Stanislavski

· Storytelling

· LAMDA syllabus



At KS4 Students will study the AQA GCSE Drama specification as outlined below

Component 1

What’s assessed · Knowledge and understanding of Drama and Theatre · Study of one set play from a choice of six · Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers

How it’s assessed · Written exam of 1 hour and 45 minutes · Open book · 80 marks · 40% of GCSE

Questions · Section A- multiple choice · Section B – Four questions on a given extract from the set chosen play · Section C- One question (from a choice) on the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production


Component 2

What’s assessed · Process of creating devised drama · Performance of devised drama (students may contribute as a performer or designer) · Analysis and evaluation of own work

How it’s assessed · Devising log (60 marks) · Devised Performance (20 Marks) · 80 Marks in total · 40% of GCSE

This component is marked by teachers and moderated by AQA


Component 3

What’s assessed · Performance of two extracts from one play. · Free choice of play but it must contrast with the set play chosen for

Component 1

How it’s assessed ·

Performance of extract 1 (20 marks ) and extract 2 (20 marks) · 40 marks in total · 20% of GCSE This component is marked by AQA